We’re live!

Hello! So here we are. The very first post. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I tried to create a new blog. I always had good intentions. One was going to be almost like an online diary. I made a few posts and then fizzled out. One was going to be all about cooking. I would get to the end of the recipe and realize I hadn’t taken photos of any of the in-between steps (face palm). I believe the most recent was going to be a lifestyle type blog. To be honest, my little family doesn’t always have a whole lot going on, haha. My husband and I both work from home and my kiddos are in school all day. When we do have some free time to spend together, it’s hard to remember to document our adventures. And I’m sure everyone knows about Instant Pots by now so I don’t feel I would have been able to provide much valuable content.

Then, it hit me. I can talk forever and a day about crafting, crochet in particular. I have years of experience doing it, so I think I can teach it. I was actually an instructor at my last job with Apple, Inc. I got to teach people how to use their computers, iPods and iPhones. My job title was actually “Creative.” How very fitting. I love to come up with my own little patterns to share with others, and I can scour the web to bring you collections of some of my favorites, so the hard work is done for you. I could spend hours in a craft store, poring over the vast yarn selections (can anyone relate?) and can provide you with reviews of new yarn releases. So I’m taking a leap. And this time I plan to stick with it. I feel invested in this project. And I hope you’ll stick around to see what we can cook up (craft up?)! Stay tuned for more posts, video tutorials, collections, DIY ideas, and much more and thank you so much for being here.

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